Grant Burge NV Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet

17 Nov

Winery: Grant Burge

Region: Barossa Valley and Coonawarra, South Australia

Vintage: NV

Alcohol: 14%


We’d only had the Grant Burge Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet once before, on an incredibly hot day at a restaurant in Broken Hill on our way to the Flinders Ranges and the Clare Valley. After spending the day walking around – something we quite enjoyed, but found exhausting – we had a bottle of red in the hotel before heading to the restaurant.

The reason for that intro is that, under those conditions – the exceptional heat, alcohol consumed already – we had the GB and said to ourselves “never again”: it was too damn rich! Thus, I’m glad that I began writing this blog, as I’ve revisited the GB and enjoyed it alot more second time around.

It is still a VERY rich sparkling red, comparable to the Majella Sparkling. Full-bodied and a deep maroon-purple, with plenty of fruit, berries and aniseed in the aroma. Unsurprisingly, much the richness comes from the vintage port that has been added after disgorgement: a blessing, as the wine becomes more complex as a result, but it pushes the envelope for tolerable levels of portiness.

Drink this one slowly. 3.5/5

Bought for $35 from Dan Murphy’s | Grant Burge Wines


Creep by Radiohead. I was really irked by this song when it was played (mainly by my friends) ad nauseum through the early to mid 90’s but eventually came to like it after a few years and after encountering epitextual evidence about it’s writing and production. Really, it’s a dumb song, but I eventually came ’round to appreciating it for what it was.

Creep by Richard Cheese

Oh, and incidentally OK Computer is about the only Radiohead album I genuinely like.


Not in the mood? OK, so not quite an alternative, but rather a comparison. Majella’s Musician Cabernet Shiraz is widely considered a ripper for the price (usually between $15 and $18). The reaction I had to it paralleled the first and second times around with the Grant Burge above (I was given 3 bottles so I couldn’t let them go to waste!). For whatever reason, there was something too rich for me first time, but second time around it was OK. It seems to be consistently good value year-to-year, so no particular vintage being recommended here, though I’m almost certain I had the 2010.

Majella Wines | Chris PlummerChris Shanahan | Spitbucket | Wine Without Wank

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