Cheap Tuesday: Seaview Sparkling Shiraz

08 Nov

Seaview Sparkling Shiraz

Winery: Seaview

Region: South Eastern Australia

Vintage: NV

Alcohol: 13%


A couple of months ago, I filled up a trolley at Dan Murphy’s of all the under-$10 sparkling shiraz brands to provide the material for the regular “Cheap Tuesday” piece. This Seaview marks the halfway point through the list, which has been consistently mediocre (thought I should stress I hadn’t expected to be blown away). I look forward to blind taste-testing this next year, to see if I come up with similar reviews to the ones I had with the bottle in close proximity.

After writing my notes, I checked in with some regulars to see what they had to say, including Wine Without Wank who wrote “The flavour is long, but this is a little too much like a cherry ripe bar gone wrong for full marks!” I don’t have much to add to that, so I’ve written my short notes unabridged below:

Purple, med-body

Tart cherry cordial taste, quite acidic finish


$7 is OK. Better than McGuigan. 2.5/5

Bought from Dan Murphy’s for about $6.50

Wine Without Wank | Joe’s Wine


Mad Mex

Mad Mex Website | Chip Stronghold | Travelling in Mary Janes

I have similar sentiments towards Mad Mex as I did with the Seaview: “smeh”. MM is a Tex-Mex Subway; inoffensive, and preferable to McDonald’s – you just wouldn’t go out of your way for it if there’s something better nearby, even if that alternative is a little more expensive.

Bonus points for providing a large and filling quesadilla for $10.

Minus points for selling Mexican beer though. Mexican beer is shit.


Not in the mood? Cooper’s Sparkling Ale. It’s good for the price, and a pretty solid bet for summer. Better than a Corona; lesser than a Murray’s Nirvana Ale.


Cooper’s | RateBeer

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