Seppelt ‘Original Sparkling Shiraz’ Vintage 2006

30 Oct

Winery: Seppelt

Region: Glenlofty, Grampians, Great Western

Vintage: 2006

Style: Australian Sparkling Shiraz

Alcohol: 13.5%


I’m ashamed to admit, but I’m writing this a couple of days after I drank this, looking over some badly scribbled notes in my pretentious Moleskine notebook. However, I think I’m so familiar with the Seppelt Original Sparkling Shiraz that I could write the review from memory anyways. The 2005 was the first sparkling shiraz I ever had (or at least remember having), so it certainly has a soft spot in my memory.

The 2006 is crimson purple with a medium/medium-full body; pours with a quickly dissipating mousse. To the nose there’s a touch of raspberry and cherry cordial, a bit of leather and plum. The effervescence is light on the tongue, letting you dwell on plum and mulberries on the sweet start, while nutmeg and spice carry with the lightly tart-tannin’d finish.

Given memories are just reconstructions, I can’t vouch for their accuracy, but I do remember enjoying the 2005 more that this. My wife and I bought a couple of 2005’s and were disappointed a few months later to find, and try, the 2006 that was being stocked at most bottle shops. Nevertheless, Seppelt – who’ve been making the style since the late 19th century – are a really safe safe bet for the price: 3.5/5

Bought from Dan Murphy’s for about $19 | Winemaker: Seppelt

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Although I can’t be totally sure of the veracity of my brain’s reconstruction of the 2005 Seppelt experience, I’d be willing to wager I’m doing better than Brian Wilson’s reconstruction of the 1960’s (hey, it’s by his own admission!)

Apparently Don’t Worry Baby, a B-side to I Get Around, was Wilson’s attempt to have The Beach Boys recreate the essence of The Ronnettessong Be My Baby. Dig it!


Not in the mood? Maybe you’re after something a little more complex, say with hints of dark chocolate and burnt toffee? ‘Cause that’s just what you were after, right? I thoroughly recommend Cooper’s Best Extra Stout as an ever reliable and affordable beer. Though it’s a “winter beer” at heart, I’m sure a BBQ is as good an excuse as any.

Ratebeer | Coopers


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