19 Oct

Links, or, Why The Internet Is Awesome

Sparkling Shiraz

The Weekly Review has a neat article about Sparkling Shiraz

The Age includes sparkling shiraz by Seppelt and Grampians Estate in a guide to sparkling wines

But if you’re on a budget, maybe you can use a Soda Stream to make your own sparkling shiraz! (Wine without BS)

The Heston’s Feasts clip WwBS were channelling (YouTube) *well worth watching*

Policy (namely, the Wine Equalisation Tax)

Philip White’s delivery at the launch of the report Alcohol Taxation Reform – Starting With The Wine Equalisation Tax (also: pdf of The Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation submission to the recent Tax Forum, h/t Philip White)

Philip White again on why the WET is doomed

Peter Martin asks policy-makers to tax wine like beer (I agree with him)

Cameron Murray’s look at WET and comparison to microbreweries

Kym Anderson’s working paper on alcohol taxation (PDF), via Wine Economics and Reserach Centre, University of Adelaide (drawns upon research by Anderson, John Freebairn [both from University of Adelaide], and Preety Srivastava & Xueyan Zhao [of Monash University]) (h/t Stuart Mounter).

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