Cheap Tuesday: Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Sparkling Shiraz

19 Oct

Winery: Wyndham Estate (Winemaker: Nigel Dolan)

Region: ‘South Eastern Australia’

Vintage: NV

Style: Australian Sparkling Shiraz

Alcohol: 13%


This is a rather inane sparkling shiraz. The bottle claimed it was full-bodied, but upon pouring, it was much closer to medium-bodied. It looked a bit like blackcurrant juice, and briefly clung to a fine mousse. Not much in the way of aroma: some raspberry and mulberry, but only at a stretch. Mouthfeel was inoffensive. Pretty crisp and dry; a bit of sour cherry, but nothing as tart as the McGuigan but nevertheless at a level that should be the domain of sourdough and brioche.

Rating: (just) 2.5 / 5 

Bought at Dan Murphy’s for $9 | Winery: Wyndham Estate

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The Sticker Family

Does your Facebook list “stuff” as one of your interests? Are you one of those people who’d say “I’m crazy” to describe your personality due to a lack of interesting personality facets? I guess if you really want to know if you’re the kind of person to drink the Wyndham sparkling shiraz, check your car’s rear window. Is there a sticker family there?

Yes? Awesome; go buy this wine (or spend some money replacing them with these stickers).

No? Good. For. You.



Usually my ‘alternative’ carries some comparative value to the sparkling shiraz reviewed; not today. The Vintage Cellars ‘Chalkboard’ Frankland River Riesling is a steal at $12. This is up there with the Pikes I have stashed away as being an excellent under-$20 Riesling. It’s the antithesis of the above, and is a weekend wine at a midweek price.


Vintage Cellars | Perth Now

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