Cheap Tuesday: McGuigan Black Label Premium Release Shiraz

12 Oct

[image pinched from McGuigan Wines]

Winery: McGuigan Wines

Region: TBC; McGuigan are based in the Hunter Valley, but the grapes are often sourced from around Australia.

Vintage: NV

Style: Australian Sparkling Shiraz

Alcohol: 13%


Medium bodied; I could see right through it against the light though (unlike some sparkling shiraz). Some plumb aroma, some Christmas cakey fruits, but also a hint of ash. Excellent bubbles and texture, but on the palate it initially tastes a little like diluted dark chocolate. There’s no real fruityness on the palate, other than perhaps sour dark cherry, and it only carries a dry tartness throughout.

Overall, unsatisfying, even for a midweek quoff. Rating: 2/5

Bought at Dan Murphy’s for $8 | Winery: McGuigan Wines


This will sound mean. It almost is, but I can justify it… really. Drink while you’re watching A Serbian Film (2010). A Serbian Film is not an outright bad film… it just leaves an extremely bitter taste in your mouth. The production values are quite high, and there’s something there to be appreciated under the surface… but it just can’t overcome it’s own bitterness.

Some might be able to justify watching the A Serbian Film:


Not in the mood? Try a Rebello ‘Cheeky Rascal’ Apple & Strawberry Cider. Really tart and bitter, and it’s only real purpose is for intoxication, but it’s marginally better than a Cruiser.

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